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1010 Brock Rd South, Unit #3
Pickering, ON L1W 3E5
Tel: 905-831-4290

Boat Tops, Auto Glass and Custom Upholstery

Front desk Since 1985, Premiere auto glass and custom upholstery has been serving the fine people of Durham and surrounding area. Offering auto glass replacement and repair as well as custom upholstery for automotive, marine, RV, and aircraft.

At Premiere we strive to be the best at what we do and it shows in the quality of our work.

We sell the Trail Pod. Contact us for prices!

Jeff Halliday, President

Examples of our work:
boat interior upholstery boat covers boat cockpit shade
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Choosing the Right Company for your Repairs and Upgrades:

Finding the best place for auto glass in Pickering is easy if you know what to look for. The same goes for upholstery and boat tops anywhere in Ontario. Proper auto glass and upholstery treatments require a high level of craftsmanship; so make sure that the company you choose for the job has at least a decade or two of experience in the business. The longer they've been doing it, the better the product is.

When choosing someone for boat tops or other work on upholstery in Ontario, there are two factors to double check. First, ensure that the craftsman's experience in upholstery repair and replacement is as broad as possible. This means that someone who has worked with automotive, RV, marine and aircraft has more versatility and do a more thorough job than someone who has only worked on boats. The second important thing is the level of communication usually maintained with clients. This especially applies if you are looking to repair or replace a custom piece. If whoever is working on your upholstery isn't contacting you regularly with updates and clarifications, the worker is definitely making assumptions that you may or may not be pleased with.

Repairing or replacing auto glass in Pickering can not only be tedious if done incorrectly; it can also be dangerous. The sooner you get your vehicle in to be fixed, the better the result. Many windshield cracks only require an injection of resin to fill the crack and prevent it from growing. Should a replacement be what you need, always make sure the company that you go to takes into consideration things like drive-away times, sealants and airbags when replacing your windshield. Poor windshield replacement significantly lowers the safety rating of your vehicle.

Finding the right person for auto glass, upholstery and boat tops in Ontario requires a little research and background checking. An experienced, knowledgeable and thorough craftsman is what you want not matter the job.